Water is running behind your gutter? Drip Strip can help!

How does Drip Strip work?

The purpose of this product is to prevent water from running behind the gutter.

Unfortunately, this is a very common issue with rain gutters resulting in damage to the roof’s edge as well as the structure’s foundation. This product is an easy and inexpensive fix.

Drip Strip works in conjunction with roof edgings. The reason water flows behind gutters is a combination of a few things;

  1. One main cause is simply not having enough overhang on the roof edging or the roof covering itself. This does not allow the water to be carried far enough out. When it rolls over the edge it follows the contour of the edging and makes its way behind the gutter.
  2. Another cause is when a gutter installer installs the gutters they may not get the back of the gutter behind the drip edge. This creates a gap between the back of the gutter and the drip edge leaving the fascia exposed and allowing the water to flow behind the gutter.

Drip Strip eliminates both of these factors insuring water WILL flow into the gutter keeping it away from your foundation, patios, flower beds, etc.

Water running behind gutter
Drip strip stopping water from getting behind your gutter

stop Water from Running 
behind your gutter

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